Upon making an enquiry with Angela Bell Photography you will be prompted to provide your name, a contact email address and/or telephone number and some information about your event & requirements.

These details are stored by myself electronically in a password protected system and only I have access to them. If making an enquiry via the website contact form then your message and contact information travels through my website provider's system and into my email inbox.

Upon making a booking your details will be stored by myself electronically to allow me to communicate with you to arrange your booking, ask you questions regarding your requirements and to answer any questions you may have.

On completion of your images your address is then required to deliver your images.

Once your photo shoot is complete and your images have been delivered I will store your details for a further three months to ensure that I can remain in contact with you should you need any help or advice.

Once this time has passed all contact info is deleted and any new enquiries you make with me whether it be for a new photo shoot or simply a question about your last one then it will be treated and stored the same way as a new enquiry would.

Wedding clients' information is also stored on an online contract signing system called SignNow. Please see their privacy policy re. how they handle data.

If an enquiry does not result in a booking then your information is deleted as I no longer have a need to contact you. I do not send out newsletters or any marketing emails so no contact info is stored for future use.

If you leave a public comment on any of my social media platforms then only you have control over that. If you leave a comment on my Wordpress blog you will be asked by Wordpress to enter your name & email address. It is advisable to only use your first name or a nickname in this scenario and never to divulge any information publicly which could put your privacy or identity in jeopardy.

Your information has never and will never be passed to anyone else.

I use your contact info to keep in touch with you throughout our client/supplier relationship and to provide you with the best service I possibly can.

Should you have any concerns about how your personal data is handled by myself please feel free to get in touch.


Angela Bell.